Turkish Embassy in Sarajevo

Ambassador's Message

My dear citizens, dear Bosnians and Herzegovinians,

I came to Sarajevo with my family and started my tenure as Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Bosnia and Herzegovina on November 12, 2016. I am honored and happy to serve in this beautiful country of the Balkans. 

Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina are intertwined with rooted and strong ties from historical, cultural and humanitarian point of view. Our political relations are excellent. The fact that Turkey was one of the first countries to recognize Bosnia and Herzegovina on 6 February 1992 demonstrates that. With intensive mutual official visits at all levels between our countries, our relations are further developed and deepened. Additional dimensions are added to our relations with new agreements signed and implemented. Thanks to that, many projects are implemented for the benefit of our people in various fields such as economy, commerce, tourism, agriculture, industry, culture, education, arts, health and sports. 

Turkey supports the stability and the territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina and defends the preservation of Bosnia and Herzegovina's multicultural structure. Turkey stands by Bosnia and Herzegovina in its efforts for the integration with Euro-Atlantic institutions. It encourages Bosnia and Herzegovina to become a full member of the European Union and consolidate its relations with NATO. Turkey resolutely defends this approach within the Steering Board of the Peace Implementation Council. It also contributes to EUFOR.

Our economic and commercial relations are on a rising trend. There is a political will to achieve the goal of further development of our trade volume and intensive efforts are being carried out to ensure this. The number of small and medium sized enterprises in Bosnia and Herzegovina is increasing through the soft-loan credits provided by Ziraat Bank. Our peoples are getting closer to each other thanks to our civil aviation services. Turkish entrepreneurs are encouraged to increase their investments in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Concrete regional cooperation projects developed within the framework of the trilateral mechanisms of Turkey-Bosnia and Herzegovina-Serbia and Turkey-Bosnia and Herzegovina-Croatia are of great importance in terms of increasing the prosperity and happiness of our peoples.

Contacts between our peoples continue to increase. The interest of young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina for Turkish and those in Turkey for Bosnian language is growing. This development is important because it is helping to meet the increasing need for bilingual staff, especially in the economic and commercial field.

Protecting the common historical and cultural heritage in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a common goal of our countries. The support of our country in this field in Bosnia and Herzegovina is important in terms of revitalizing our cultural relations and making Bosnia and Herzegovina attractive in terms of tourism. 

My honorable citizens, the door of our Embassy is always open to you. Our Embassy is your home in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is our duty to welcome all our Bosnian and Herzegovinian friends in our Embassy and to promote our country. Our main goal is to further move the flag we took over from our previous Ambassadors. I am open to any suggestion of yours in order to provide a better and more effective service to you. On behalf of myself, my family and my staff, I express my respects and greetings to all of you.

Haldun Koç